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The Management Team

The AKBB Management Team is comprised of business veterans of non Cannabis businesses who have teamed up with top notch Cannabis industry talent.

Tony Wong

Managing Partner

Tony is the visionary and Managing Partner of AKBB and related entities. Over the last several years Tony has immersed himself into all facets of the California Cannabis industry. Under Tony’s leadership, AKBB provides management services to several Cannabis licenses; cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and delivery. Tony is also leading AKBB majority and minority position investments and acquisitions of both Cannabis and Hemp businesses. Additional prior activities include incubating Fintech and Medtech startups, real estate development, private equity asset management and the development of export businesses in the emerging and frontier markets of Southeast Asia and Africa.

Miranel Chico


Miranel “Mira” Chico is an accomplished systems designer and oversees the front line AKBB team members. Mira provides mission critical coordination between the management team and field operators. She also manages the AKBB back office administration providing direct expertise and supporting the continuous development and implementation of company-wide SOPs. Her oversight extends into trades, delivery, development, and finance.

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