AKBB Holdings, LLC

Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution, Delivery

AKBB Holdings, LLC

AKBB Holdings, LLC is the parent of multiple management companies which provide executive and operations services to various silos of the California Cannabis industry ranging from cultivation and manufacturing to distribution and delivery. AKBB provides a robust platform of traditional business infrastructure to Cannabis licenses which allows talented technicians to focus on honing their craft. 

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AKBB has developed a wide network of relationships within the massive California Cannabis market. The relationships allow unique insights into usually opaque and fragmented regional groups. This insight creates many actionable opportunities on a regular basis throughout the state. 


AKBB provides licensed operators with a broad array of front and back office support. Fleet management, banking solutions, short and long term financing, executive staffing, technician recruitment, industry referrals, retail placement and many more value added services are provided through our platform. 


AKBB is continuing to expand its footprint of Cannabis assets in California with a hyper-focus on the acquisition and development of sites within the greater Los Angeles and Orange County metro regions. This area is one of the landmark homes of Cannabis culture and one of the largest Cannabis markets in the world. 

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